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Fruit Farm Worker Jobs In Canada

A famous Agricultural farm has announced Fruit Farm Worker Jobs In Canada – Hasberry Farms Inc. is looking for farm workers/ labor staff to work in different sections from cultivation, farm management, water management, and harvesting.

Fruit Farm Worker jobs in Canada come with a set of important responsibilities. As a Fruit Farm Worker, you will be responsible for planting, cultivating, and harvesting fruits such as apples, berries, cherries, peaches and more. You will be working outdoors in all weather conditions including hot summers and rainy seasons.

Your primary job responsibility as a Fruit Farm Worker is to ensure the health of the fruit trees or bushes by providing proper care such as pruning branches or applying fertilizers. You must also monitor the crops regularly for pests and diseases and take necessary actions to prevent their spread. Harvesting fruits at the right time is crucial so that they can be sold at the market when they are fresh and ripe.

In addition to fieldwork, you may also need to operate machinery such as tractors or harvesters for planting or harvesting purposes.

The Employer have laid some of the following criteria


The employer is paying $21.50 hour/day.

Available No. of seats:

The employer is looking to hire only one candidate with appropriate knowledge and experience.

Required qualification:

No educational qualification or certification is required to apply for Fruit Farm Worker Jobs In Canada.

Practical Expertise:

The Employer has not set a base line for minimum experience, anyone with farm knowledge is eligible to apply.

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Required Skills

There are few skills which the employer is looking for the said position.

Applicant should have command on:

  • Crops-There requirements, cultivation, irrigation and fertilization.
  • Should be able to operate farm machinery
  • Knowledge about plant and animal disease and pest
  • Harvest quality of crop

Procedure of application submission:

Application should be submitted to the required


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