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Welder Jobs In Truck Repairing Firm

Jushan Truck & Trailer Repair Ltd has announced Welder Jobs in Truck Repairing Firm. The company is looking for a full-time welder who can work in multiple shifts throughout the week. He is required to operate, monitor, and adjust robotic welding production lines, flame-cutting equipment, welding equipment, and oxygen arc cutting equipment. He should be able to repair and weld metal parts and products.

Welders play an essential role in repairing and maintaining vehicles, especially in truck repairing firms across Canada. The primary job of a welder is to join metal parts through the application of heat, pressure, or both. Welders can work with various types of metals such as aluminum, steel, and copper to repair trucks that have been damaged due to accidents or normal wear and tear.

In addition to welding duties, welders are also responsible for inspecting the quality of their work to ensure it meets safety standards. They must be able to read blueprints and diagrams accurately as they need to know where the welding needs to take place. Attention-to-detail is crucial as even minor mistakes could lead to major issues down the line. A welder should also possess excellent problem-solving skills because sometimes there might be unforeseen challenges that require creative solutions during repairs.

The Employer have laid some of the following criteria


The employer is paying $28.50 / hour

Available Vacancy:

There is an available vacancy of 01 positions for the said post.

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Educational requirement:

Secondary (high) school graduation certificate required.

Practical Expertise:

2 years to less than 3 years experience required.

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Specific Skills

There are few skills which the employer is looking for the said position.

Applicant should have command on:

  • Proficiency in welding techniques.
  • The ability to use different welding techniques such as MIG, TIG
  • Knowledge of safety standards.
  • Read and interpret welding blueprints & drawings .
  • Welding requires precision and attention to detail.
  • Determine weldability of material.

Procedure for Application:

Application should be submitted to the required

Email: [email protected]

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