Construction Project Manager Jobs In Canada

Construction Project Manager Jobs In Canada

If you interested in managerial post in Canada, then these jobs are for you. Construction Project Manager Jobs announced on urgent basis.

An experienced and skilled individual for the post of Construction Manager is requested by Great British Renovations. He should have references and links with subcontractors and should be able to renegotiate new deals and modify/revise existing projects.

The Employer have laid some of the following criteria.

Expected Salary Package:

The employer is paying $55 / hour

Expected monthly salary =  $6500

Available No. of Positions:

One only available position for the managerial post..


Applicants should have at least higher secondary school qualifications with relevant certifications.

Practical Expertise:

The client is hiring at a managerial position and is looking for an experienced candidate with at least five years of experience in same capacity.

Additional Skills:

Employer is also looking for some specific skills set for their construction manager.

  • The applicant should be able to acquire new projects
  • Should have knowledge related to electric and plumbing.
  • Should be able to supervise a team of more than 50 personals
  • Implement quality control procedures
  • Should be able to read blueprints and design
  • Should have software knowledge of CADD

Procedure for Application:

Application should be submitted to the required

Email: [email protected]

Remarks: Clients require candidate who have legal permission to work in Canada.